In a dynamic landscape where IT and digitalization shape the future of the automotive industry, consultants and experts who maneuver through these changes are invaluable. Today, we explore the journey and insights of Adesola Akande, an experienced Solution Architect at a Swedish automotive company, who has carved a unique path from the telecom sector in Nigeria to the forefront of Sweden’s automotive digitalization.

Born and educated in Lagos, Nigeria, Adesola embarked on a transformative journey in 2007, moving to Sweden to pursue a master’s in electrical engineering. With a rich background in the telecom industry of Nigeria, he brought to the table a wealth of knowledge that along with his new education would prove invaluable in Sweden’s technological sectors. After completing his masters from BTH in Karlskrona in 2009, his first footing in the Swedish job market was in 2011 as a consultant at a Swedish automotive company.

The Shift to Consulting
Adesola career took a turn in 2011 when he ventured into contract business for the same company, a partnership that extended into 2012 and beyond. Diverse contracts in inbound logistics led him to establish his own company in 2019 before joining AdWise in 2020.

Hi Adesola!

Your journey has taken you from Nigeria to leading roles in Sweden’s tech sphere. What was the biggest draw to Sweden’s master’s program for you?
– The draw was twofold: my passion for network and telecom engineering, which I had been involved in back in Nigeria, and the advanced technological landscape of Sweden. The master’s program in Karlskrona was a gateway to expand my knowledge and dive into Europe’s innovative hub of technology.

You’ve held various roles and now find yourself as a Solution Architect for the used car market. Can you elaborate on your current responsibilities?
– My role is centered around ensuring that our applications and integrations function seamlessly. We deal with multiple vendors, and it’s my job to oversee that our solutions not only work but also adapt and scale efficiently. Although I lead, I am part of a diverse team where each member plays a crucial role.

What are the challenges you face in such a dynamic environment?
– The main challenge is navigating through organizational changes and pioneering new ways of working. It’s about balancing between maintaining a fresh, modern approach while dealing with the complexities of transformation.

Considering your extensive experience, what do you consider your biggest strengths?
– I value being a collaborative team member and continually strive to deepen my understanding of systems and technologies. I hope that my supportive approach plays a part in our shared success.

The move to become a consultant is a significant one. Why did you take this step?
– It was a move borne out of necessity and opportunity. After spending years with the consulting company, I felt it was time to establish my own company and eventually I joined AdWise.

Speaking of AdWise, what influenced your decision to join?
– The desire to be part of something larger, a collaborative environment. I knew of AdWise through colleagues and joining them felt like a natural step in furthering my professional journey without losing the essence of community.

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